In the fall of 2020, as we lurch ever deeper into the Covid era and toward an election that seems poised to trigger, at the very least, a national nervous breakdown, people on all sides of the political spectrum agree that something is coming. Though we surely don’t agree on what it is, or should be, it seems fair to say that very few Americans, at this moment in time, would dispute that some cataclysm is nearly at hand. …

Part 1

Intro: Four Months Later

Back in my hometown in Northampton, MA for July and August, out of the alternately too-quiet and frantic thrum of NYC, where I rode out the ‘first phase’ of the virus in isolation with my wife, I want to gather my thoughts on how various narratives and regimes of reality have and haven’t changed since I posted my first Unworkable Equilibrium essay, back in March, when the US was just beginning to shut down, amidst dire warnings from China and Italy, and a nascent sense of both terror and hope for radical change was in the…

On the occasion of being self-quarantined in NYC during the coronavirus outbreak, along with (I hope) the rest of my peers and larger community around the country and the world, I decided to assemble some thoughts on how reality seems at the end of the first quarter of 2020. They range, sometimes along the course of a central argument and sometimes in a more free-associative manner, from Mark Fisher to Adam Curtis to Bruno Latour, from David Cronenberg to Don DeLillo, from mass shootings to the coronavirus, from Trump and Brexit to climate change and mass surveillance (which only stands…

David Leo Rice

Author of A ROOM IN DODGE CITY & ANGEL HOUSE, story collection coming out next year. Teaches at the New School.

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